Lizzy Pye

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I am an embroidery tutor, classically trained on the Royal School of Needlework Apprenticeship.

I am passionate about passing on my skills through teaching. I love all embroidery techniques and struggle to choose a favourite, but I am always most drawn to detailed work. One of the things I most enjoy about my work is encouraging my students to achieve their best, and have a great time getting there!

I have been teaching embroidery for 14 years now. My teaching style is very relaxed; I want you to enjoy your stitching as much as I do. 'Silly questions' are my favourite thing.

Course Content

This course guides you through setting up a slate frame from start to finish.

I have divided it into short segments, so you can work with me, step by step.

Setting Up a Slate Frame will be perfect for you if you have never used a slate frame before, or if you need a reminder.

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Self Paced Courses

I have always taught in-person or live online; but not everyone can attend those classes. I have limited numbers, and I'm limited by time zone...

My solution to this difficulty: create my first self paced online course!

The beginning seems a good place to start, so my first course is Setting Up a Slate Frame. I hope this will prove handy for those who want a really practical demonstration - with more detail than you can find in a book.

Look out for more courses in the future.